Ashley Waldrop

Instructional Technologies Blog

NETS-T Standard 1

on September 3, 2012

Standard: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

Summary: It is the teacher’s responsibility to use his or her content knowledge, pedagogy knowledge, and technology to encourage creativity and innovation in various learning environments.

Self-Evaluation: I believe that I meet this standard within my classroom.  I am not one of those teachers who use the Promethean Board as a space to tape up chart paper; however, I feel that I could definitely learn more as well.  I try to use the available technology to inspire and to motivate my students.  For example, in my class last year my students were not at all motivated about writing.  In an effort to influence them to do their best work and enjoy writing, I let them publish their work on the “TV.”  After they had completed their writing to my standards (edited, revised, etc.), I let them read their text while I recorded them using my document camera.  After they were recorded, we let the whole class and other visitors (other first grade classes) watch their performance.  It was a very simple task, but the results were awesome.  My students worked harder and their writing products showed it.

I also try to teach my content using technology resources such as Promethean interactive flipcharts, virtual field trips, etc.

 Strengths/Weaknesses: I would say my biggest weaknesses are: 1) inability to keep up with the latest options and innovations, 2) lack of available time to prepare and deliver these activities, and 3) inadequate knowledge about the ways and means for teaching my young learners the correct way to use technology themselves.  I have found that I enjoy using technology within my classroom to teach, but often I just don’t know where and how to get it started.  I struggle in the planning and preparation step for using technology within my classroom because I don’t know how to correctly model and allow my young (age 6/7) students to use the technology independently.

I think my greatest strengths in teaching with technology are: 1) I want to learn more, 2) I enjoy using technology, and 3) I am convinced that it can be a very effective tool when used properly.  I think that it is to my advantage that I enjoy using technology.  I know of several teacher peers who just don’t care to learn about technology or want to make the effort to learn.  This is not me.  I know that there are awesome technology tools out there for teaching content, and I want to learn more about them and how I can use them in my classroom.


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