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Through My Students’ Eyes

on September 3, 2012

Title: Through My Students’ Eyes

Author: Cheryl Oakes


Summary:  This blog post is about one student’s journey from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  The writer takes on the point of view of the student and how he perceives his education with an emphasis on the technology used.  The article begins with the student in Kindergarten telling the reader about how his teacher used a flip camera to record the student’s learning.  The article continues by highlighting the various technologies used through Grade 8.  When the student enters high school, the teachers no longer teach with technology due to the need to teach content, but the student still finds ways to use technology.  The student is frustrated in high school that learning is no longer fun like it was in the lower grades, and he wants to go back.

Reflection: I thought this article was very well written.  I enjoyed being able to read the articles from the student’s perspective and not from the teacher’s.  I have to admit though, that after reading the article, I realize that I can and should be letting my students use more of the technology that I have in my classroom.  I think I am guilty of knowing how to “teach” with technology, but not how to let my students “explore and inquire” using the appropriate technology.

I was surprised by the part at the end of the article where the student discusses using proxies to get around the school’s internet blocks.  That students know how to do this is intimidating to me, even as a lower grade teacher.  I think if I were a high school teacher this would be even more intimidating.  On the other hand, I think as teachers we need to embrace and foster the knowledge that students have of technology, but make every effort to channel the use of their knowledge in a positive way, not to try to “cheat the system.”  This wasn’t part of the blog, but was in some of the attached links about using technology in the classroom, using the grade bands.  I discovered several neat blogs that I want to continue to watch, hopeful that I may use some of the same information and resources in my classroom.


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