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I Heard Them Say, Love Is The Way

on September 4, 2012

Title: I Heard Them Say, Love Is The Way

Author: Miss Night


Summary:  This blog post is about a kindergarten class in Canada that has partnered with another class in Indonesia.  Each class created an “imaginary friend” that goes to school in other country.  The two classes have partnered together in order to compare how each “imaginary friend” has very different experiences.  The two classes use Twitter to communicate and “research” back and forth.  During this research experiment tsunamis were threatening the Indonesian coast.  The Canadian “kinders” became very worried about their Indonesia “kinder” friends and wanted them to come to Canada to stay safe.

Reflection: All I have to say is WOW!  When I read articles like this it A) reminds me how much I have to learn and how much more I could do, and B) technology, when used properly in the classroom is AWESOME!  While reading this article three major “ideas” popped into my head and I will elaborate on those below.

1. Twitter – I never in a million years would have thought to use Twitter as a research tool.  It had crossed my mind the educators could use Twitter as a professional discussion board, but never as a research tool.  I am sure that Twitter is probably blocked at my school, but I’m interested to see if I could have something like this approved?  Twitter is a great tool to use, especially in a younger-aged classroom.  The questions can be simple and cannot be long in length…perfect for our younger students!

2. Standards – This is PERFECT for first grade standards!!! Almost every single one of our social studies standards are based on families around the world.  This would be a MUCH better way to study families around the world vs. watching a “United Streaming” video made in the 80s about families around the world.  I left a comment for Miss Night to let me know how she started this.  My main question is how she found the school/children to tweet back and forth with.  Hopefully she will comment back to me!

3. Meaningful Learning – This inquiry based project brings a whole new meaning to meaningful, real-life learning.  These students were learning about children half-way around the world but felt like they truly knew these other kindergarten students.  I guarantee you this project will be remembered forever by those students.


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