Ashley Waldrop

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NETS-T Standard 2

on September 4, 2012

Standard: Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

Summary: The teacher must create, design, and assess by incorporating technology to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills laid out by NETS-S.


A)    I attempt to use technology through learning experiences within my classroom.  For example, my class participates in multiple virtual field trips throughout the year.

B)    I have very limited access to computers in my classroom.  I have 2 student desktops and 1 teacher computer.  I hope to have more soon. I think having more computers would allow me to let my students have more access.  I do think my students monitor their own progress throughout the year with MAP testing.

C)    I allow students to have their individual time on the computer.  During this time students are allowed to choose for multiple websites to practice their computer skills and practice various learning standards.

D)    I do not do much to assess my student’s knowledge of technology.  I would like to find some programs or websites that I could use to teach my kids about the various types of technology when I take my kids to computer lab.

Strengths/Weaknesses: I think my greatest weakness in developing and designing digital age experiences for my students is the lack of time and resources.  Having only 2 student computers within my classroom makes it very difficult for each student to have a “fair” amount of time.  My other weakness in implementing Standard 2 into my classroom is my own lack of knowledge.  I really struggle in knowing and deciding what is appropriate for my students to use, given their age.

I think that my students leave my classroom knowing that there are many different types of “digital age” technology out there, even though they may not use it themselves in my classroom.  My students know that I enjoy using technology within my classroom, and I can hope that my own love for technology will inspire them to use and enjoy technology too.


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