Ashley Waldrop

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NETS-T Standard 3

on September 9, 2012

1.      Standard: Model Digital Age Work and Learning

2.      Summary: It is the teacher’s responsibility to know about, know how, and implement technology of the 21st century in his or her own professional practices.

3.      Self-Evaluation:

           a.      I think I do a very good job of using and adjusting to the new technology being introduced today.  I enjoy teaching myself about the new products that teachers can use such as: animoto, prezzi, document cameras, promethean software, etc.

          b.      I often to collaborate with my peers, parents, and community members about the technology being used within my classroom.  I collaborate with my students on a daily basis on all aspects within my classroom, including technology.  We discuss what worked, didn’t work, and whether they enjoyed doing the activity.

          c.       I do communicate with my parents using digital media.  I send out a weekly PDF newsletter that is sent out via email.  I also have a classroom blog that includes pictures and summaries of classroom activities.  I do not communicate with students because many of my students are too young to have their own personal accounts, however parents do often let students comment on my blog using their name.

          d.      I use limited digital tools to evaluate research and learning.  The extent of what I currently do is use excel, word, etc. to create charts to assess my student’s learning on unit tests.  I use these to evaluate my own teaching and its effectiveness.

4.  Strengths/Weaknesses:

I believe that my strength is collaborating and communicating using current digital age tools.  For example, I communicate with my peers, students, and parents via e-mail, blogging, and various social medias.  I enjoy collaborating with my parents, peers, and community leaders about the current technology that is available to use within my classroom.  I often spend lots of time on the internet reading blogs of what other teachers are doing in their classroom.

I think my biggest weakness is using technology to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning.  I need to spend more time analyzing and evaluating the technology that I use within my classroom.  I often find something that I want to do, use it, and then move on.  I need to spend more time talking to other, being observed, and letting my students reflect in depth about the specific technique.


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