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Giving Up Control

on September 20, 2012
  1. Title: Giving Up Control
  2. Author: J Bevacqua
  3. Website:
  4. Summary:  This blog post is written by a high school principal/teacher. The teacher journaled about his exit assignment that he gave to students where they chose their own research question, research method, and presentation.  The teacher was prompted to create this assignment after spending time research project based learning.  The teacher found that when he gave up his control he found that students were much more motivated and eager to learn.
  5. Reflection: This summer I took two gifted and talented courses and a large portion of our curriculum focused on project based learning and creating autonomous learners.  I feel like this principal had been doing the same research that I did this past summer before he decided to do this project.  I am a big fan of project based learning.  I think it is more meaningful and the students enjoy learning through projects.  It is amazing to see the students become so engaged when you give them a project to complete, especially a project that you let them choose.  I think that the greatest difficulties in project based learning are: resources, lack of parental support at home, and the need for advanced planning.  I know that when I assign learning projects I have to plan far in advance in ensure that all the various pieces fit together.  I have also found that for my students (ages 6-7) it can be difficult if there is very little support or resources at home for the student to use.

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