Ashley Waldrop

Instructional Technologies Blog

NETS-T Standard 4

on September 20, 2012

Standard: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

1.      Summary: Teachers need to be ethical professionals and keep up with local, national, and global digital trends.

2.      Self-Evaluation:

a. I think with the nature of my student’s age I do a pretty good job about modeling and using safe digital practices.  We talk a lot about not visiting sites we don’t know or recognize and always having an adult help us when using the internet.  I think that I need to improve in the areas of respecting copyright laws and intellectual property. As I mentioned in the last class, I think I need to do a better job citing my resources and giving credit in my classroom when the resources are used.  I think by me doing this I will also be teaching my students that it is important to respect other’s intellectual property and following copyright.

b. I think this indicator is one that all teachers can improve on, but are not always able due to limited resources.  I would love to be able to give my students more access to digital media, such as time on the computer.  However, due to circumstances beyond my control (MAP testing in lab, only 2 computers in my classroom, etc.) I am limited in the amount of time that I am able to let them use the computers while at school.

c. I hope to grow my strengths with this indicator this year.  I want to use Twitter to help my students practice researching either with students around the world or a professional in a given field (animals..zoologist, etc.).  I think by allowing my students to do this, which will enable me to model proper social etiquette.

d. I definitely could do better on this indicator.  I currently do not collaborate often with other teachers outside of my school, much less globally.  I think through social medias such as: blogs, twitter, forums, etc. I can do a better job of digitally collaborating with other educators.

3. Strengths/Weaknesses: I believe that my greatest strengths for this indicator is that I am very conscious to take time out of the curriculum to model for students the correct way to use various types of digital media.  I think the age of my students requires me to do this.  For many children, this is the first time that they might use a flip camera, and it is my responsibility to model the correct and safe way to use it.  I believe that my greatest weakness is the lack of time I have to devote to collaborating with other teachers.  I rarely have time after school to spend nights searching the internet or engaging in a digital forum.  Although I do not have excess time to spend doing this, I know it will make me a better educator and I need to make time for it.


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