Ashley Waldrop

Instructional Technologies Blog

NET-T Standard 5

on September 24, 2012

1.      Standard: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

2.      Summary: Teachers need to continuously grow in their professional knowledge and skills.  Teachers need to be advocates for lifelong learning and exhibit these traits in their classroom. Teachers need to be leaders within  their school and community by being knowledgeable and proficient in the use of various digital medias.

3.      Self-Evaluation:

a.      I think I am currently completing this indicator by being in this class.  Each week I evaluate my use of technology within my classroom, search the internet for other sources of technology to use, and learn new techniques from my professor.

b.      I want to be involved in the decision making processes about technology within my school.  However, I currently am not serving on any teams that could allow me to do that.  I think that with more years of experience and establishing myself at my new school that will allow me to become more of a leader with technology.

c.       I currently do evaluate myself and my technology practices that I use. I think that I can continue to grow professionally by attend technology conferences.

d.      I think that I do contribute to the effectiveness and vitality of my school and professions.  I think this because I am still continuing my education so that I can be a better teacher and am very dedicated.  I work late hours and a lot of over time to ensure that I am doing my job to the best of my ability.

4.    Strengths/Weaknesses: I think that my greatest strength is my desire to be a lifelong learner even within my own professional field.  I strive to be a better teacher than I currently am, and this includes learning more about implementing technology into my classroom.  I think that my students see my passion for learning and also for my job.  I think that my greatest weakness is my lack of experience.  I think that over the next few years when I have established myself I will be able to serve on committees that are more influential than the committees I am currently on.


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