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New Brunswick Video

on September 24, 2012

1. Title: 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada

2. Author: New Brunswick Department of Education

3. Website:

4. Summary:  This you tube video was created by the New Brunswick Board of Education to promote 21st century learning within their school districts.  The video highlights the changes that have taken place in education in the last 5-10 years such as: chalk boards, VCRs, etc.  The video then highlights that we are teaching children now for a workforce that may have not even been invented yet.  The video stresses the importance of keeping education updated and relevant to what students will truly need in the 21st century.

5. Reflection: I really enjoyed watching this video, because it put into perspective how much education has changed and evolved in the last 10-15 years.  I reflected on my own education and how many of the ways I was taught are now very outdated, and I’m still young!  I thought that the presentation of the video and information was very well done for its original intended purpose.  If I was someone who lived in the New Brunswick area this video would definitely cause me to stop and reflect on what educators should be doing now to prepare students for tomorrow.

Another thing that stood out to me while watching this video is that an education board took the trouble and funds to create this video.  I think the video was very well done to create and promote awareness for the changing demands within education.  It was well presented in the respect that the video caused its viewers to reflect on their own practices and then realize that the world is changing and education needs to keep up.


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