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Project Based Learning #1

on September 24, 2012

Title: Project Based Learning

Author: Common Craft


Summary:  This video is an explanation of project based learning.  The video focuses on the key point that project based learning is not facts or content memorization, but rather application of knowledge.  For example, the video gave an example of a high school science class that completed a project on the transfer of cold/flu viruses.  The class was divided into groups and given a challenge to figure out ways to prevent future transfers of this virus.  The video also emphasized that students need to be able to problem solve, collaborate, and communicate in today’s world and these skills need to be taught in the traditional classroom.

Reflection: I think this was a very well done video.  I have always been a fan of project based learning.  I can still remember the few projects I was able to complete using this style of learning in school.  I think that project based learning is very effective in that it challenges students to not only know the facts but apply this newly learning information.  For example, I remember when I was in fifth grade we were learning about angles and measurements.  Our project was to design a house by creating architectural plans that used angles and accurate measurements.  It was very difficult at the time because it required me to know the facts and also apply it to real world problems.  I would love to use more project based learning in my classroom, but I think with the age level that I teach it could be very difficult to create and implement effectively.


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