Ashley Waldrop

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Teaching in the 21st Century

on September 24, 2012

1. Title: Teaching in the 21st Century

2. Author: ASB Unplugged Conference, Mumbai, India, 2010

 3. Website:

4. Summary: This video is about what skills teachers need to possess and teach to be effective in the 21st century.  The video articulates that students have unlimited access to multitudes of information at any time.  The role of the teacher is to teach the students how to use and what to do with all this information.  The video critiques teachers in that we are no longer needed to teach facts and content, but rather teach students the “what now.”  The video also focuses on the importance of using higher order thinking skills in the 21st century.

 5. Reflection: This video was a good awakening for me to realize that I’m not the possessor of knowledge but rather the instructor on what to do with the knowledge students already have.  I think that teachers in the 21st century need to focus more on project based learning and problem solving skills, rather than making students memorize content.  Students need to be able to apply and use the content, not just be able to spit it out like a computer.


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