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Student Standards

on October 4, 2012

1. Standard: NET-S Standards 1-5

 2.      Summary: The student

 3.      Reflection: 

                  1. Creativity and Innovation – I think as a first grade teacher that it is so important for me to build on my student’s prior knowledge about technology and prepare them for the complex processes they may do later in life.  I know that with my students I may not be able to create computer software programs, but I know that I can lay a foundation for using and appreciating technology than can later be built upon.  I think in the future I will need to remind myself not about the “end product” but rather the seed that I may be planting within some of students.

                2. Communication and Collaboration – I think this is a standard that I use on an everyday basis.  My students spend lots of time collaborating together already.  I am thankful to work at a school that supports distance learning.  We have 5 virtual field trips already planned for this year, one of which is next week.  I want to take full advantage of these opportunities to enrich my students with the different means of digital media.

                  3. Research and Information Fluency – I think that this particular standard is difficult for me to wrap my mind around due to the age of my students.  I think at my student’s age level it is important for me to model these practices. I hope to by the end of the year being sharing these research practices with my students.  I am hesitant to let them research independently because of their lack of experience and age.  I think that if I model the processes throughout the year, I could work together with students to conduct a digital research project.

                  4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making – I think I focus a lot on problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making already within my classroom. However, I want to challenge myself to incorporate the use of digital media such as: youtube, flip cameras, document cameras, internet, etc. to support and motivate my students to further their critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.

                 5. Digital Citizenship – I think that this is a very important standard for me to focus on within my classroom.  It is important for me to have “think aloud” moments with my class to model the correct way to use and respond with digital media.  Students need to being learning at a young age how to use digital media in a safe, effective, and respectful way and I believe that can begin in my classroom.

                 6. Technology Operations and Concepts – I think this is an important standard for me to lay a foundation for.  I spend time teaching my students the correct way to use software programs such as: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and Reading Counts.  I think I struggle to teach this standard because I was self-taught.  I learned everything I know now by teaching myself and exploring.


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