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Student Standards

1. Standard: NET-S Standards 1-5

 2.      Summary: The student

 3.      Reflection: 

                  1. Creativity and Innovation – I think as a first grade teacher that it is so important for me to build on my student’s prior knowledge about technology and prepare them for the complex processes they may do later in life.  I know that with my students I may not be able to create computer software programs, but I know that I can lay a foundation for using and appreciating technology than can later be built upon.  I think in the future I will need to remind myself not about the “end product” but rather the seed that I may be planting within some of students.

                2. Communication and Collaboration – I think this is a standard that I use on an everyday basis.  My students spend lots of time collaborating together already.  I am thankful to work at a school that supports distance learning.  We have 5 virtual field trips already planned for this year, one of which is next week.  I want to take full advantage of these opportunities to enrich my students with the different means of digital media.

                  3. Research and Information Fluency – I think that this particular standard is difficult for me to wrap my mind around due to the age of my students.  I think at my student’s age level it is important for me to model these practices. I hope to by the end of the year being sharing these research practices with my students.  I am hesitant to let them research independently because of their lack of experience and age.  I think that if I model the processes throughout the year, I could work together with students to conduct a digital research project.

                  4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making – I think I focus a lot on problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making already within my classroom. However, I want to challenge myself to incorporate the use of digital media such as: youtube, flip cameras, document cameras, internet, etc. to support and motivate my students to further their critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making skills.

                 5. Digital Citizenship – I think that this is a very important standard for me to focus on within my classroom.  It is important for me to have “think aloud” moments with my class to model the correct way to use and respond with digital media.  Students need to being learning at a young age how to use digital media in a safe, effective, and respectful way and I believe that can begin in my classroom.

                 6. Technology Operations and Concepts – I think this is an important standard for me to lay a foundation for.  I spend time teaching my students the correct way to use software programs such as: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, and Reading Counts.  I think I struggle to teach this standard because I was self-taught.  I learned everything I know now by teaching myself and exploring.

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NET-T Standard 5

1.      Standard: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership

2.      Summary: Teachers need to continuously grow in their professional knowledge and skills.  Teachers need to be advocates for lifelong learning and exhibit these traits in their classroom. Teachers need to be leaders within  their school and community by being knowledgeable and proficient in the use of various digital medias.

3.      Self-Evaluation:

a.      I think I am currently completing this indicator by being in this class.  Each week I evaluate my use of technology within my classroom, search the internet for other sources of technology to use, and learn new techniques from my professor.

b.      I want to be involved in the decision making processes about technology within my school.  However, I currently am not serving on any teams that could allow me to do that.  I think that with more years of experience and establishing myself at my new school that will allow me to become more of a leader with technology.

c.       I currently do evaluate myself and my technology practices that I use. I think that I can continue to grow professionally by attend technology conferences.

d.      I think that I do contribute to the effectiveness and vitality of my school and professions.  I think this because I am still continuing my education so that I can be a better teacher and am very dedicated.  I work late hours and a lot of over time to ensure that I am doing my job to the best of my ability.

4.    Strengths/Weaknesses: I think that my greatest strength is my desire to be a lifelong learner even within my own professional field.  I strive to be a better teacher than I currently am, and this includes learning more about implementing technology into my classroom.  I think that my students see my passion for learning and also for my job.  I think that my greatest weakness is my lack of experience.  I think that over the next few years when I have established myself I will be able to serve on committees that are more influential than the committees I am currently on.

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NETS-T Standard 4

Standard: Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

1.      Summary: Teachers need to be ethical professionals and keep up with local, national, and global digital trends.

2.      Self-Evaluation:

a. I think with the nature of my student’s age I do a pretty good job about modeling and using safe digital practices.  We talk a lot about not visiting sites we don’t know or recognize and always having an adult help us when using the internet.  I think that I need to improve in the areas of respecting copyright laws and intellectual property. As I mentioned in the last class, I think I need to do a better job citing my resources and giving credit in my classroom when the resources are used.  I think by me doing this I will also be teaching my students that it is important to respect other’s intellectual property and following copyright.

b. I think this indicator is one that all teachers can improve on, but are not always able due to limited resources.  I would love to be able to give my students more access to digital media, such as time on the computer.  However, due to circumstances beyond my control (MAP testing in lab, only 2 computers in my classroom, etc.) I am limited in the amount of time that I am able to let them use the computers while at school.

c. I hope to grow my strengths with this indicator this year.  I want to use Twitter to help my students practice researching either with students around the world or a professional in a given field (animals..zoologist, etc.).  I think by allowing my students to do this, which will enable me to model proper social etiquette.

d. I definitely could do better on this indicator.  I currently do not collaborate often with other teachers outside of my school, much less globally.  I think through social medias such as: blogs, twitter, forums, etc. I can do a better job of digitally collaborating with other educators.

3. Strengths/Weaknesses: I believe that my greatest strengths for this indicator is that I am very conscious to take time out of the curriculum to model for students the correct way to use various types of digital media.  I think the age of my students requires me to do this.  For many children, this is the first time that they might use a flip camera, and it is my responsibility to model the correct and safe way to use it.  I believe that my greatest weakness is the lack of time I have to devote to collaborating with other teachers.  I rarely have time after school to spend nights searching the internet or engaging in a digital forum.  Although I do not have excess time to spend doing this, I know it will make me a better educator and I need to make time for it.

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NETS-T Standard 3

1.      Standard: Model Digital Age Work and Learning

2.      Summary: It is the teacher’s responsibility to know about, know how, and implement technology of the 21st century in his or her own professional practices.

3.      Self-Evaluation:

           a.      I think I do a very good job of using and adjusting to the new technology being introduced today.  I enjoy teaching myself about the new products that teachers can use such as: animoto, prezzi, document cameras, promethean software, etc.

          b.      I often to collaborate with my peers, parents, and community members about the technology being used within my classroom.  I collaborate with my students on a daily basis on all aspects within my classroom, including technology.  We discuss what worked, didn’t work, and whether they enjoyed doing the activity.

          c.       I do communicate with my parents using digital media.  I send out a weekly PDF newsletter that is sent out via email.  I also have a classroom blog that includes pictures and summaries of classroom activities.  I do not communicate with students because many of my students are too young to have their own personal accounts, however parents do often let students comment on my blog using their name.

          d.      I use limited digital tools to evaluate research and learning.  The extent of what I currently do is use excel, word, etc. to create charts to assess my student’s learning on unit tests.  I use these to evaluate my own teaching and its effectiveness.

4.  Strengths/Weaknesses:

I believe that my strength is collaborating and communicating using current digital age tools.  For example, I communicate with my peers, students, and parents via e-mail, blogging, and various social medias.  I enjoy collaborating with my parents, peers, and community leaders about the current technology that is available to use within my classroom.  I often spend lots of time on the internet reading blogs of what other teachers are doing in their classroom.

I think my biggest weakness is using technology to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning.  I need to spend more time analyzing and evaluating the technology that I use within my classroom.  I often find something that I want to do, use it, and then move on.  I need to spend more time talking to other, being observed, and letting my students reflect in depth about the specific technique.

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NETS-T Standard 2

Standard: Design and Develop Digital Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

Summary: The teacher must create, design, and assess by incorporating technology to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills laid out by NETS-S.


A)    I attempt to use technology through learning experiences within my classroom.  For example, my class participates in multiple virtual field trips throughout the year.

B)    I have very limited access to computers in my classroom.  I have 2 student desktops and 1 teacher computer.  I hope to have more soon. I think having more computers would allow me to let my students have more access.  I do think my students monitor their own progress throughout the year with MAP testing.

C)    I allow students to have their individual time on the computer.  During this time students are allowed to choose for multiple websites to practice their computer skills and practice various learning standards.

D)    I do not do much to assess my student’s knowledge of technology.  I would like to find some programs or websites that I could use to teach my kids about the various types of technology when I take my kids to computer lab.

Strengths/Weaknesses: I think my greatest weakness in developing and designing digital age experiences for my students is the lack of time and resources.  Having only 2 student computers within my classroom makes it very difficult for each student to have a “fair” amount of time.  My other weakness in implementing Standard 2 into my classroom is my own lack of knowledge.  I really struggle in knowing and deciding what is appropriate for my students to use, given their age.

I think that my students leave my classroom knowing that there are many different types of “digital age” technology out there, even though they may not use it themselves in my classroom.  My students know that I enjoy using technology within my classroom, and I can hope that my own love for technology will inspire them to use and enjoy technology too.

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NETS-T Standard 1

Standard: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity

Summary: It is the teacher’s responsibility to use his or her content knowledge, pedagogy knowledge, and technology to encourage creativity and innovation in various learning environments.

Self-Evaluation: I believe that I meet this standard within my classroom.  I am not one of those teachers who use the Promethean Board as a space to tape up chart paper; however, I feel that I could definitely learn more as well.  I try to use the available technology to inspire and to motivate my students.  For example, in my class last year my students were not at all motivated about writing.  In an effort to influence them to do their best work and enjoy writing, I let them publish their work on the “TV.”  After they had completed their writing to my standards (edited, revised, etc.), I let them read their text while I recorded them using my document camera.  After they were recorded, we let the whole class and other visitors (other first grade classes) watch their performance.  It was a very simple task, but the results were awesome.  My students worked harder and their writing products showed it.

I also try to teach my content using technology resources such as Promethean interactive flipcharts, virtual field trips, etc.

 Strengths/Weaknesses: I would say my biggest weaknesses are: 1) inability to keep up with the latest options and innovations, 2) lack of available time to prepare and deliver these activities, and 3) inadequate knowledge about the ways and means for teaching my young learners the correct way to use technology themselves.  I have found that I enjoy using technology within my classroom to teach, but often I just don’t know where and how to get it started.  I struggle in the planning and preparation step for using technology within my classroom because I don’t know how to correctly model and allow my young (age 6/7) students to use the technology independently.

I think my greatest strengths in teaching with technology are: 1) I want to learn more, 2) I enjoy using technology, and 3) I am convinced that it can be a very effective tool when used properly.  I think that it is to my advantage that I enjoy using technology.  I know of several teacher peers who just don’t care to learn about technology or want to make the effort to learn.  This is not me.  I know that there are awesome technology tools out there for teaching content, and I want to learn more about them and how I can use them in my classroom.

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my first blog post

This is my first blog post. WOO HOO!!!!!

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